This Cain F Triple Torch Lighter Is Stunning


The Red Cain F Table Torch Lighter is a heavy duty triple torch lighter.

When you flip the top of this baby three powerful flame spouts erupt, and they will assuredly light any cigar in their path. This lighter also happens to boast a large fuel tank, so it’s perfect to pass around during your backyard shenanigans.

imageA solid red body finished in a gun metal chrome accent screams style, and — you’ll notice from the image — the “Cain” logo is in black

Additional features for this bad boy include:

•Rechargeable butane lighter
•Screw to adjust flame height
•Large gas reservoir
•Triple torch system
•Comes bundled in a gift box

I’ve enjoyed my time with it so far and would definitely recommend picking one up if you’re in the market for a new lighter.

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