Review: My Father #1 Cigar

The My Father Number 1 (5.5 x 52) is a very attractive cigar with a gorgeous band and a smooth, oily wrapper.


The pre-light aroma can be characterized by notes of caramel, hay and raisins. It has an easy pre-lit draw.

First Third

Right away I’m picking up a profile of black pepper, cedar, coffee, and chocolate. The general taste is a bit dry so you’ll likely need water or a beverage of your choice nearby to wash it down.

The aroma from the cigar is thick and dense while the smoke is sweet –exactly how a cigar should smell. The strength and body are not for mild cigar smokers; this is one of the rare full-bodied creations that combines both boldness and complexity.

Second Third

The nicotine kick on the retro hale is on full display here.

As for flavors, the stick keeps the same profile throughout. Nothing has changed thus far.

Final Third

My Father #1 final thirdAs I finish the rest of this beauty off, I can confirm that the flavor profile pretty much remained the same all the way through. The only exception is that the pepper ramped up a bit, the coffee, cedar and chocolate remained in the background yet were always detectable.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t already own some of these, it should be on your radar. Pick up a box if you can, because it’s a fantastic smoke and they’re offered at a great price especially when you consider the quality.

If you prefer mild flavors you may want to avoid this one.

Stay lit my friends.

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