Review: My Father El Centurion Robusto

imageThis cigar is made by the My Father cigar factory in Nicaragua. They come in beautiful boxes of 20.

The size I picked for the review is a Robusto (5 3/4 x 50).

First Third

The first third of the El Centurion has a leather note to it that is quite strong, but then it dies down a bit and transitions into more of a cedar and espresso coffee taste with an added nutty and earthy character. It’s a tad sweet, as well.

You’ll get a nice taste of pepper on the retro hale, and it feels a little tingly on the tongue. The burn and construction of the stick are great. I’d say, all around it’s medium bodied for this portion.

Second Third

Moving on to the second third of the El Centurion, I noticed this beautiful cigar was getting creamier as I smoked, almost like a hay or pasture flavor.

The chocolate, espresso and earth flavors are definitely still there and have become more intense. With each puff, I detect a hint of rose and it’s just enough to peak my buds, but not so intense that it ruins the experience. There is a bit more pepper on the retro hale, but my tongue isn’t tingling as much as when I first started.

I’d like to point out that the construction and burn of this stick are still great. This cigar produces ample smoke and when sitting burns slowly. It’s ideal for a car ride or a relaxed day.

Final Third

imageHere I am on the final third of this beauty.

The rose or floral taste is much more prevalent and has even mixed with a variety of flavors like cinnamon, creamy cedar, earth, and dark chocolate.

The black pepper I tasted on the retro hale got increasingly stronger at the end, but it wasn’t what I’d consider harsh. Then again, I do like my cigars to have a strong flavor.

The construction and burn are fantastic, and this thing was a trooper the whole way through. As I neared the end, the strength stayed right between medium to full bodied.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’d recommend picking up a box — or more — of these beauties. I’m fairly positive you’ll be happy with your purchase because I certainly was. They’re a great smoke.

Who knows, maybe it will even become a staple in your humidor, or a regular in your rotation?

Stay lit my friends.

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