Review: My Father El Hijo “The Son”

My Father El Hijo "The Son" first thirdThe My Father “El Hijo (meaning The Son), is a 5.5 x 52 box-pressed cigar with a shaggy foot — which means the binder and filler protrude beyond the wrapper of the cigar.

These particular sticks are from the third installment of the Microblend Series, and they come in dressed boxes of 15. They’re about $8-$10 per stick, or $150 for the full box of 15.

The unfinished foot will deliver a unique a flavor experience before the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper kicks in — part of a limited 2009 harvest.

First Third

Starting off, I immediately taste the filler and with it an intense pepper on the retro hale. The finish is long with a peppery tingle starting at the tongue and trickling down my throat. Once I get to the wrapper the flavors start to really ramp up; they’re already very complex.

It has a creamy and buttery character which transitions into a chocolate and coffee bean flavor and finishes with a woody, peppery note. Long draws will net a bevy of spice and pepper.

Second Third

Rounding into the second third, the creaminess has faded and the profile is much deeper; darker if you will.

I’m detecting a lot of cedar, espresso, dark chocolate and a hint of leather. The finish is long and peppery and there is a nice spice kick through the nose showing some real power, but it’s not overpowering. The construction is great and it burns straight.

There is an ample amount of smoke.


Final Third

As I finished up, I can taste the transitions to an earthy profile — it’s grassy in flavor. The cigar gets a little hot at this point, creating a slight bitterness that’s not unpleasant.

The cedar, dark chocolate and leather are still present and they are all balanced well, with a slight taste of pepper and spice throughout.

Final Thoughts

This is a great cigar for the price. If you can get a hold of some you won’t be sorry.

Stay lit my friends.

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