Review: My Father La Antiguedad Robusto


The La Antiguedad is the second box-pressed line from Pepin Garcia and My Father cigars. La Antiguedad stands for ‘The Antiquity,’ and represents the Garcia family’s Cuban heritage. A (5.2 x 52) Box Pressed Robusto

It’s wrapped in an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado Oscuro wrapper which has a reddish hue. The inside is comprised of Nicaraguan tobaccos from three prominent growing regions — with lots of different flavors mixed in.

The tobacco packed inside has been aged a minimum of three years. These sticks — when you can get your hands on them — offer a complex, yet smooth medium to full-bodied profile. You’ll recognize hints of coffee, cocoa, leather and plenty of pepper.

First Third

A sweet spice flavor comes through during the first few puffs of this Robusto. Then, it quickly blends into coffee and hazelnut. There’s a strong taste of spice and pepper on the retro hale.

Second Third

As I near the middle of this stick the other flavors are still present. There are hints of sweet chocolate, coffee and hazelnut which soon envelope the cigar.

In the background, the sweet flavors are augmented by spice and leather. I can feel it on my tongue. It’s a bit earthy — with chocolate, spice, caramel dominating throughout and subtle hints of cinnamon and leather lingering on the tongue.

imageFinal Third

As I finish it off, the chocolate flavor comes out a lot more and the the pepper and spice die down.

Coffee and cinnamon are the main flavors during this point of the cigar. In the background, chocolate, almond and mild pepper remain.

Final Thoughts

This is one great cigar. I would have to say that this isn’t your typical Pepin stick, but the extra pepper blast I’m loving and the band is absolutely beautiful. Look at that thing!

I say grab some of these if you can.

Stay lit my friends.

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