Review: The One, the Only, Cohiba Siglo Vl

This time we’re taking a look at the one, the only Cohiba Siglo VI. Let’s get right into it.

First Third

imageInto the first third, the cigar starts off mild with subtle tones of wood and pepper. A little further in and it begins to open up with coffee, earthy and a creamy undertone, with a wood-like taste in the background.

There’s a bit of roughness to it, as well.

Second Third

Jumping into the second third, I noticed the flavors really start melding together nicely.

There’s a peppery-earth punch on the draw, followed by a stronger coffee and leather note. Also, the pepper and coffee linger for the finish.

•Final Third

imageOnto the final third, it starts to show some bitterness here.

The flavors from the second third stay prevalent all the way through to the end. That, mixed with the added harshness from the stick getting warmer, is not a bad combo.

I quite like how it all wrapped up.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the Siglo Vl, especially since it’s one of my favorites. Plus, they are legal now to bring back to the states.

If you’re ever in Cuba and have a chance, pick some of these babies up because they are definitely worth it.

As always, stay lit.

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