Almond Cow: A versatile plant-based milk maker

Almond Cow Milk Maker with frothy milk inside.

Almond Cow Milk Maker will make 5 to 6 cups of fresh milk from nuts, seed, or grain.

Store bought milk gets pretty expensive, especially when you use or drink a lot, and need to supply your whole family. Let’s not even discuss the alternate types of milk, like almond milk. My daughter is lactose intolerant so we pay a pretty penny to make sure she’s covered. Almond Cow’s Milk Maker is a game-changer as far as I’m concerned. It produces plant-based milk from whatever you put in. How’s it work? Simple. All you have to do is add water, toss in a nut, seed, or grain, then hit the button on top. The little milk-making wizard will produce 5 to 6 cups of milk in no time — it takes less than a minute!

You can use it to make a wide variety of milk types, like almond milk, coconut milk, and even potato milk! It can also be used to make cocktails, creamers, dressings, soups, pulp treats, and much more. It’s incredibly versatile, and you can pretty much use it to make what you want or like. It’s a great way to try some all-natural and new milk substitutes too! They have some holiday deals coming up too, if you want one!

Who’s it for?

Anyone that wants to save some money on store-bought milk — you can save up to 30% in costs according to Almond Cow! Plus, it’s a neat device to have because you can make whatever milk-like beverage you want.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $195

Amazon | Almond Cow

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