Dude, What? Check Out This Robotic Twerking Butt

Pornhub — yes, the streaming porn company — is no stranger to modern tech. It wasn’t long ago that they announced their unique charging device the WankBand (link is SFW), so aptly named for it’s… well, you get the point.

Their latest stunt involves a robotic, twerking butt. Wait, what the hell did you just say?

Hello TwerkingButt

Pornhub TwerkingButtApparently, this new adults-only toy will set a “new benchmark in sexual stimulation” when it launches.

Made with CyberSkin technology, the device twerks like a real butt with various customizable settings. You can hook up your smartphone to control vibration speeds, and if you purchase the more expensive model you can also set the twerking rhythm. One of the settings even allows you to “load your music playlist” and enjoy a Twerking sensation to the beat of the track. I knew Never Gonna Give You Up would come in handy some day!

Once active, the unit will also warm the soft skin-like material to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to simulate the warmth of a real human body.

Apparently, the premium model also comes bundled with a VR headset. Pornhub is rather mum on the specifics, but clearly it will allow owners to interact with the TwerkingButt in more realistic ways.

Personally, I just hope it’s easy to clean this damn thing.

If you must have it now, the standard model is available for pre-order at $699, while you can order the deluxe model with “twerking technology” for $999.

Before you ask, yes there is a hole that you can… well, use to your advantage.

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