eTape: A digital tape measure with memory functions

eTape digital tape measure in red product image.

Tired of measuring out areas, items, or various spaces and rushing to a notepad to jot down the numbers? This digital tape measure has memory functions to record those calculations instantly for easy recall later.

A tape measure is a basic tool that every toolbox should contain. Whether you’re measuring out a piece of wood for cuts, trying to find the dimensions for an area or space, or just want to see how tall something is — tape measures are the perfect tool for it. But after you take measurements, you either have to commit them to memory or jot them down. What if there was a better way? This eTape digital tape measure has three memory functions, so after you take measurements, you can store the numbers for quick access later.

It works like a standard tape measure, complete with the rollout measuring tape. But there’s also a digital display on top that shows the current measurements. It can even handle US to metric measurement conversions if you need your numbers in a different format. As for the unit, it’s made of weather-resistant polycarbonate plastic and its quite durable. You can toss it in a toolbox, chest, or in your waist belt without worrying about it cracking or breaking. Simply put, it’s accurate, user-friendly, and super handy. I know I’m going to grab one, what about you?

eTape digital tape measure gen 2 on shelf in red color.

Who’s it for?

Anyone that regularly uses a standard tape measure but wants one with a modern spin that can record calculations and save time.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $60

Amazon | eTape16

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