FIZZICS FZ404: A personal pub beer dispenser for better brews

FIZZICS personal pub beer dispenser on table during dinner.

Brews taste better from the tap, and this FIZZICS beer dispenser gives you that experience at home by creating uniformed sized bubbles and micro-foam.

Most would agree that draft beer just has more flavor and provides a better experience than drinking straight from the bottle or can. Part of that, can be attributed to the foam and sizable head that’s created when pouring from a tap. While you could set up your own tap and bar, it would be quite expensive, and would also require quite the home renovation. FIZZICS has created a personal pub beer dispenser that gives you that same experience, without having to stock a full bar. It converts the beers natural carbonation into uniformed sized bubbles, or micro-foam, to enhance the aromas, flavor, and feeling of the beverage. The result is a super delicious beer, regardless of what you feed in.

The FIZZICS FZ404 pub beer dispenser incorporates new features over previous models from the brand, like USB power or a slightly larger size to accommodate more cans and bottles. It works with just about any beer, including cans and bottles, as well as 500ml and 750ml bottles — perfect for those craft brews you might pick up on your adventures. We’re talking sours, IPAs, stouts, porters, lagers, and more, all with delicious micro-foam just like they came out of a standard tap. The FZ404 beer dispenser can also be powered by two AA batteries, so you can use it anywhere, like outside during a barbecue or party. The USB wall adapter is still around too, if you want to connect it to an outlet. This thing is pretty amazing and personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

FIZZICS FZ404 personal pub beer dispenser with beer below tap.

Who’s it for?

If you want the taste, aroma, and feel of draft beer, but don’t want to put in your own tap, this is for you. It works with cans and bottles and makes them taste amazing.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $170

Amazon | FIZZICS

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