HexGaming Ultimate: A fully adaptable PS5 controller

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HexGaming Ultimate Controller with Interchangeable Thumbsticks for PS5 and PC.

The current generation of console controllers is pretty awesome, especially the PS5 Dualsense. But the button configuration and the design are pretty much set in stone. Sure, you can equip the thumbstick with custom grips, and maybe slap on a skin, but that’s about it. The HexGaming Ultimate Controller aims to change that by offering a fully adjustable setup. They’re built from the ground up with authentic PS5 controllers — yes, official controllers. What makes them different, though?

For starters, they include 6-in-1 interchangeable thumbsticks so you can customer the height, and ergonomics, like domed versus concave. Next, a remap program allows you to program the buttons. You can assign a maximum of 15 buttons, including the custom rear buttons. Finally, you can play wired for less input lag or just stick with wireless if you want to remain untethered.

It’s worth noting that through retailers like Amazon you only have one color option. However, if you check out HexGaming’s site they have a build-your-own controller option where you can choose various styles. You can customize the button colors or patterns, and adjust the case style — color, pattern, and see-through level.

HexGaming Ultimate PS5 controller in black with custom config.

Who’s it for?

Realistically, anyone who owns a PS5 and wants a more customizable controller option. It’s engineered for eSports players who want to get an edge over the competition, however.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $199

Amazon | HexGaming

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