Play Games While You Kegel with the Perifit S


You know what Kegels are, right? Oh come on, I hope so. You’re not going to make me spell it out for you, are you?

Alright, alright.

They’re also called pelvic floor exercises and involve strengthening a lady’s, well, um… pelvic region. Supposedly, they offer a lot of health benefits if you do them on the regular. And guys can do them too, wouldn’t you know it?

perifit-kickstarter-video-pelvic-floor-musclesThe problem is they’re not all that fun to do. But Perifit aims to change that with their upcoming Perifit S, which they’re seeking funds for on Kickstarter.

It’s a “medical grade” silicone device – that’s plastic, in case you didn’t know – that pairs up with a smartphone via Bluetooth to track your exercises and stats. When you’re ready, you insert the device into your vagina and follow the prompts to begin your exercises.

But rather than just do a bunch of random exercises, you’re actually playing games the entire time you use the device. So, yes, technically you’re playing games with your vagina.


Early adopters can get the Perifit S for €99 (which equates to about $105 USD). If you wait until it’s actually on store shelves, you’ll be paying a little more at $159.

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