MUAMA Enence: A portable translator that supports up to 36 languages

MUAMA Enence portable translator on table.

If you’re traveling abroad and don’t know the language, you’re gonna need some help. The MUAMA Enence is a portable translator for real-time conversions and natural discussions.

When you travel somewhere new and don’t know the local language it can be tough communicating and even exploring. Most people carry a small guidebook or translation booklet, but even that can cause quite a headache in the moment. The MUAMA Enence is a small, portable translator that can handle real-time translations for up to 36 languages. It’s smart, simple, and intuitive, and it offers two-way translations. That way, you can talk and the person you’re talking to can talk back.

It connects to your mobile device and a companion app via WiFi or mobile data. Then, you press the ME button on the device and start talking. Release the button when finished and it will playback the translation for you automatically. Then, press the microphone button to let the other person speak and it will playback the response for you. It’s that easy. The 750mAh rechargeable battery should last for up to 10 hours of active use, or 96 hours in standby. Reaction time is about 1.5 seconds for translations, with high-quality audio and incredible accuracy. This portable translator supports languages like Arabic, Czech, Chinese Mandarin, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Greek, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, and much more.

MUAMA Enence portable translator held and used by person traveling abroad.

Who’s it for?

If you need help with real-time translations and having active discussions with others in a different language, the Enence instant two-way portable translator is your gadget.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $79

Amazon | Enence

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