Nuwa Pen: A smart pen that digitizes all your notes and sketches

The Nuwa Pen smart pen converts traditional notes to a digital format.

When it comes to digitizing your handwritten notes, sketches, and artwork, usually, you need a tablet and a stylus, or at the very least, a drawing tablet. The Nuwa Pen is a smart pen that digitizes everything you write, no tablet needed.

You love to write and draw. The tactile feel of a pen or pencil scrolling across paper as your creativity floods into reality is a feeling like none other. The problem, however, is that everything these days is digital. And the methods for converting those traditional handwritten notes, sketches, and artwork into a digital format aren’t exactly what you might call intuitive. That is, unless, you have a smart pen like the Nuwa Pen. It is an ink-based pen, like any other, with one unique feature, through the power of AI it digitizes everything you write.

That’s made possible thanks to a series of integrated technologies, or rather sensors, including cameras, motion sensors, and advanced AI algorithms. They work together to turn your writing into “retrievable digital notes.” You can use any type of paper or medium you want, with standard D1 ink refills when you’re running low. The Nuwa Pen smart pen also integrates with some of your favorite apps like Microsoft or Google’s Office apps. Plus, it comes with a charging case — like you see with wireless earbuds — that can charge the smart pen up to five times before needing a recharge. It uses a USB-C charging cable for the case, too, and comes with 3 additional ink refills to get you started.

Man using the Nuwa Pen smart pen to write notes automatically converting to digital format.

Who’s it for?

If you want the tactile feel of traditional writing and sketching yet still want your creativity digitizes for the modern age, this smart pen is for you. You just need the pen and some paper, nothing else.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $373

Nuwa Pen

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