Oraimo 750W Electric Bike: This ebike folds up for portability

Oraimo-750W-electric-bike-with-folding-design both designs shown.

The Oraimo electric bike has a ton of great features, but it also folds up so you can stow it even in a small car or carry it much easier.

Electric bikes or ebikes are quite expansive. They have to be because they incorporate the traditional design of a bicycle with an electric vehicle, integrating a rechargeable battery, motor, and more. The problem is that this makes them bulky and downright tough to transport — unless you’re riding them, of course. And if you have a small car or vehicle, you’re going to have a hell of a time packing that ebike inside for your next big trip. Unless you opt for something like Oraimo’s snazzy folding ebike. It legitimately folds down into a compact form so that you can fit it in your trunk, the back of your car, or carry it without all the added heft.

It also features a 750-watt motor — with a peak of 1,000 watts — a max speed of 20 miles per hour, and a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge. The 3-amp fast charging functionality can recharge the battery to full in about 3.5 hours. Plus, the 3-inch fat tires and lightweight aluminum frame make it an excellent companion for traversing just about any terrain, even off-road trails. There are five PAS levels, accessible via a full-color LCD, and a Shimano 7-speed gear system. Of course, here’s the fantastic part — it’s affordable. That alone is going to be a tough feature to beat for the competition.

Who’s it for?

Anyone that likes to take their bike-riding to new locations but doesn’t have the vehicle space to stow an ebike.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $800


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