Say What? There’s a Hotel In Japan Controlled By Robots

Henn ne Hotel in JapanEveryone knows that one crazy guy who’s always screaming about gremlins, robots and AI taking over the world Skynet style a la Terminator. Aside from a few robots and unmanned kiosks stealing some jobs, there’s no immediate threat yet. Or is there?

A new hotel in Japan called Henn na Hotel in Japanese — which stands for Evolve Hotel — is manned almost entirely by robots. Yes, creepy robots.

Robots You Say?

Henn na Hotel receptionist robotsThere’s a robotic dinosaur receptionist, a bell-bot which takes the place of a bellhop, and a trolley robot that transports visitors to their room. The dinosaur receptionist actually speaks English, while a companion bot — resembling a female human that blinks — can serve Japanese speaking guests.

There’s even a concierge to answer questions about the area, that resembles a “doll-like hairless robot” and will suck out your soul. Seriously, dolls are creepy as hell.

The maids are human and there is a security team monitoring the property remotely via a live video feed, but other than that — all robots.

The good news is that it’s only $80 a night to stay there, and you never have to tip any of the employees because fuck robots.

The hotel opens to the public on Friday — July 17 — in Sasebo, Japan. You might as well start building that fallout shelter you’ve always wanted.

Via: BoingBoing

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