Silver Spun Goods: Luxurious socks infused with silver?

Silver Spun Goods pure silver infused socks from Luxe Collection.

These sustainable, and therapeutic socks are infused with pure silver because of its antibacterial properties.

Stinky feet are no fun. Neither are damp, sweaty feet, or sore calloused feet. Many people turn to insoles and better footwear, which can be a hit or miss. Silver Spun Goods has created comfortable, silver-infused socks as an answer to this problem. “Every single stitch” of the socks have pure silver, which does several things. First, silver is naturally antibacterial, so it inhibits odor-causing bacterial growth while also keeping your feet cleaner. Next, it also keeps the socks clean and fresh, for longer, so you don’t have to wash them as much. The latter is not only more convenient, and better for your feet, it means the socks have a much longer lifecycle than your average cotton variants.

You’d think silver isn’t very soft or comfortable, right? But these socks are also created using “buttery soft” American-grown cotton. What’s more, the fibers — used to weave the socks in the Signature Collection — are high-quality recycled material. They’re composed of 88% upcycled materials and are a 100% dye-free, so no chemicals or nasty additives. The Luxe Collection features a host of natural ingredients like avocado skin.

Plush Footie from Silver Spun Goods in blush color.

Who’s it for?

If you want soft cozy socks, infused with antibacterial silver, that will both keep your feet clean and the garments fresh, then Silver Spun Goods are for you.

Where to buy?

MSRP: Varies

Silver Spun Goods

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