Tablo: Watch and record live TV with no cable box

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The Tablo is a DVR-like device, that requires no cable box, and no additional equipment, but you can use it to watch and record over-the-air live TV channels like NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, PBS, and more.

A DVR allows you to record live TV to play it back later. That also affords modern amenities to the stream, like the ability to fast forward, through those pesky ads, rewind, pause, and much more. But you probably knew all that, most people have used a DVR in one form or another. Typically, you need a special cable box and DVR equipment to record live TV. That’s not so with the Tablo (4th Gen). It’s a unique little device that allows you to both watch and record over-the-air (OTA) live TV content. In fact, you don’t need a cable box at all, it comes with an antenna that has a 35-mile range. That makes it a first-of-its-kind device that can access broadcast networks like NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, PBS, and more.

It gets better, though. The Tablo also provides access to 30 FAST channels, from Scripps-owned stations (the E.W. Scripps Company) including ION, Court TV, Bounce, Grit, and LAFF. There’s no subscription required, and the device also connects to your home router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It can record over 50 hours of live media. It even connects to existing devices, via the Tablo app, such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, smart TVs, and Android TV. It’s affordable, versatile, and it completely modernizes the OTA live TV experience. You can record TV shows and movies to watch later and skip all the ads.

Tablo live TV DVR system with antenna all set up.

Who’s it for?

If you want to pause, record, and playback live TV from OTA channels without a cable box, meaning via a traditional antenna, this first-of-its-kind device is for you.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $100

Amazon | TabloTV

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