The Bright Grill Is a Smartphone Controlled Indoor-Outdoor Cooker

Just think of some random activity, event or hobby. They probably have an app for that, seriously. Mobile smartphone support is through the roof these days. It makes sense though because smartphones and mobile devices are just so damn convenient.

One thing many of us love, is grilling out. Did you know they have an app for that?


Queue the Bright Grill, a wireless connected smart grill that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Yes, it’s a “smart” grill in every sense of the word.

It works similar to a George Foreman grill in that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has 240-sq in of non-stick cooking area. You can either mount this bad boy on top of the included pedestal, or you can sit it right on a tabletop or counter.

Sounds great so far, but what the hell is up with the “smart” moniker?

Bright Grill Smart Features

It still requires a power cord, so the thing isn’t exactly “wireless” as the Kickstarter page claims. You’ll still need to plug it into a power socket. Thanks to its low-profile setup though, you can use it anywhere even in that tiny ass condo of yours (obviously, if you don’t live in a condo ignore that statement).

Enough nonsense already, you promised to talk about the “smart” features! Okay, okay cool your jets.

Bright Grill smartphone remote controlsThe grill is outfitted with temperature sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and an internal CPU (if you’re not a geek like me that means it has a computer processor). You can pair your iOS or Android smartphone — and apparently Pebble smartwatch — to access the grill remotely.

Basically, if you’re sitting on your couch and your stomach starts to growl you can fire up the grill without getting up off your ass. How awesome is that? You can also adjust the cooking temperature, adjust the grilling time or monitor a cooking meal from your phone.

Several sous chef modes and “crowd grilling” features for the mobile app will ensure you don’t overcook your meat. Simply enter the type of meal or food you want to cook and it will tell you what temperature to set the grill at, and how long to leave it cooking. There’s also a unique “warm” mode which keeps your food warm for you while you’re eating your first helping.

What the Hell Is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, which means independent developers and manufacturers can seek financial support from the community for their projects. Essentially, you pre-order a product that’s in the initial stages of production. The allure is that, even though it’s not finished you get the product for cheaper than if you wait until it’s actually on the market and in many cases you get your hands on it way before anyone else.

bright-smart-grill-in-redIn order to be successfully funded, the Bright Grill designers must raise $41,000 — or more — of seed money on Kickstarter. Currently, they’ve raised close to $8,000 with 54 days to go.

You can jump in with the lowest pledge level at $149, and you’ll receive your grill in March 2016 if everything works out. It’s available in several colors including: black, silver, white, blue, green, orange and red.

What do you think? Badass invention of the month or what?

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