The New Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast Is Great, but It’s Already Sold Out

The Google Chromecast is an awesome device. If you don’t already have one, you might want to think about picking one up, they’re only about $35, often cheaper on sale.

google-chromecast-with-ethernet-adapterIf you don’t know what the Chromecast is, it’s a small wireless device that plugs into your TV via HDMI and allows you to stream media from your phone or another compatible device. It’s great in a pinch when you want to stream something but don’t have another way to connect the TV — or a media device — to your local network.

The Chromecast is also great when you’re traveling.

That said, we’re not here to discuss the Chromecast, we’re actually here to call attention to a new adapter Google released for it.

Introducing the Chromecast Ethernet Adapter

Google-chromecast-ethernet-adapterThe Ethernet adapter is explicitly for use in areas where there is shoddy wireless coverage or none at all. You see, the Chromecast streams content via an active Wi-Fi network. When there isn’t one available it essentially becomes useless.

The adapter plugs into a wall outlet for power and then connects to a Chromecast dongle via USB, and also a home router via a wired Ethernet connection. Once connected, it turns the Chromecast into a wired streaming device. You’ll still need some kind of wireless internet connection to connect your phone or whatever you’re streaming from.

The bad news is that the Ethernet Adapter sold out in less than a day. It’s currently unavailable, but hopefully Google will restock soon.

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