ThermoPro TempSpike: A smart meat thermometer for precise cooking

ThermoPro TempSpike smart thermometer and meat probe in chicken

Knowing the temperature of your cooking meat is key to making precise, delicious meals and the ThermoPro TempSpike is a Bluetooth-enabled smart thermometer for doing just that.

Generally, when you read the instructions for cooking meat, whether you’re talking about burger, steaks, pork, or something else, they all recommend an inner cooking temperature. The idea is to get your meat to that temperature. Not just to cook the food but also to ensure you kill off any potential bacteria. The ideal temperature differs depending on the cutlet. So, you’ll need a lot of practice and experience if you want to get it just right, every time. The ThermoPro TempSpike is a potential solution to that issue. It allows you to monitor the internal and ambient temperature of your meat to prepare a restaurant-quality meal.

It’s a Bluetooth-enabled and 100% wire-free meat probe that sends the collected data to your smartphone. Everything is accessible through an easy-to-use, multifunctional app. It gives you temperature-triggered alerts, estimates your cooking time(s), measures real-time internal and ambient temperatures, and even has built-in USDA meat presets to help you get the perfect sear, grill, or bake. A data graph and export process allows you to organize everything you’ve learned and then some. But most importantly, the app helps you transform into a true cooking champion with minimal effort. Not that you’d walk away that far, but the effective range is up to 500-feet, so you pretty much have free rein in your home. You can go relax while the meat cooks and let the app keep you informed the entire time. Obviously, if you’re grilling or working with flames you’ll still want to check in, but it means less second-to-second fussing overall.

ThermoPro TempSpike smart thermometer and meat probe product image

Who’s it for?

Sick of trying to guess whether or not your grilled, cooked, or baked meats are reaching the right and safe temperatures? With this smart thermometer you can monitor your meat and fine tune the perfect cooking times. It’s for anyone that loves cooking.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $100

Amazon | ThermoPro

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