Twelve South ActionBand for Apple Watch: Soft and comfortable

Twelve South ActionBand for Apple Watch wristbands in use,

Twelve South’s ActionBand is a neat alternative to the Apple Watch’s standard wristbands. It’s perfect for activewear!

Own an Apple Watch? Work out often? Twelve South’s ActionBand is an excellent accessory, made of soft, flexible Terry cotton. It surrounds the watch and band, absorbing sweat, and making the device a bit more comfortable to wear while you’re moving about. Because the material is blended with stretchy lycra, you can also slide it up your arm to wear in a different position — instead of just around your wrist. It functions as a sweatband, too, so you can wipe your brow if you’re sweating profusely — don’t feel bad, I sweat a lot myself. That will also keep your salty bodily fluids from stinging your eyes. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

The ActionBand comes with 2 matching wristbands, one of which has a secure Watch frame, and the other is just a regular armband. The idea is simple yet convenient, and I’m pretty sure some people would love these. They’re available in 44mm and 40mm sizes, so you can choose what matches your wrist best — be sure to pay attention to which size you choose if you’re going to buy them! They’re also a unisex design and match just about any workout style or outfit you might put on.

Who’s it for?

Anyone that wants a sweatband or a better way to wear their Apple Watch during workouts. It’s soft, blended with stretchy lycra and sweat absorbent.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $29.99

Amazon | Twelve South

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