Velotric Thunder 1: A sleek commuter ebike billed as affordable for everyone

The Velotric Thunder 1 reinvents ebike designs, making it look more traditional.

Because of the hardware they require, ebikes are typically bulky and clunky looking, but Velotric’s Thunder 1 redefines that cliche.

Thanks to integrated electrical components the Thunder 1 has no visible wires, no unsightly batteries, or thick components hanging off the frame. It’s ultralight too, at just 36 pounds (16 kilograms), which is perfect if you’re on the go all the time or living a city lifestyle. The top speed is 20 miles per hour, and the maximum range on a single charge is 70 miles — definitely impressive. It utilizes a torque sensor with a 350-watt (peak 600-watt) motor, with max torque at 45 Newton meters, so it’s pretty powerful. Moreover, it’s an 8-speed bike using a Shimano drivetrain.

It has some rad security features too. For example, there’s an anti-theft alarm, fingerprint unlock, and GPS tracking for the bike itself. Plus, the puncture-resistant tires add an extra layer of security and convenience, you don’t have to worry about those tires going flat on you during a trip. It is an ebike so it has connected features too, syncing with the smartphone app for ride customizations. Thunder 1 is also compatible with Apple’s Find My network so you can locate your bike if you lose it or forget it somewhere. All in all, the Thunder 1 adds an aura of attractiveness to the ebike market, especially thanks to its minimal design. It looks more like a traditional bicycle than anything I’ve seen before, which is fantastic.

Who’s it for?

Anyone that wants a smooth ride, whether during a commute or joy ride, without all the unsightly bulkiness of most ebikes.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $1,799 | $1,499 (Budget Version: Thunder 1 ST)


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