Vibes: Ear plugs to help you block out noise at concerts, events, or when overstimulated

Vibes ear plugs worn by model on orange background

The Vibes ear plugs are virtually invisible when worn, reusable, and help you block out noise at huge events, concerts, or when you’re just overstimulated.

Ear plugs are a must-have at huge crowded events, especially when there’s a lot of noise, like concerts, conferences, parties, and beyond. Those high decibel levels can do a lot of damage to your hearing, leading to more ruinous issues like constant tinnitus. But most ear plugs are not comfortable and look downright ugly, which also means you look like a fool while wearing them. That’s not the case with the Vibes ear plugs, a low-profile and minimalistic hi-fidelity earplug set. They’re virtually invisible when worn and fully reusable.

Here’s the best part: They don’t block or muffle sounds in the traditional sense. Instead, they lower the volume of the surrounding environment so that you can still hear clearly and communicate with those around you. The brand claims they reduce decibel levels by up to 22 decibels, with a 15 NRR rating. That can make even the loudest venues more bearable and less overstimulating. Multiple silicone ear tips come with the plugs so that you can find the perfect fit. Moreover, they even come with a hard, protective case that makes them easy to stow and carry. They don’t just work for live or big public events either. You could wear them at work, for example, if you work in a big, open office with lots going on. Imagine cutting out all of those distractions that have been holding you back?

Vibes ear plugs hi-fidelity audio and ear protection up close.

Who’s it for?

If you need a break from loud noises and distractions, anywhere, the Vibes ear plugs are a definite go-to. They also work great for concerts and musicians, fitness classes, live events, loud work environments, and while out in public.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $34

Amazon | Vibes

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