Welcome to Techigar!

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Welcome to Techigar. This site will highlight a wide variety of cool and eclectic gadgets, many of which I encounter during my day-to-day. Whether through PR emails, browsing Amazon for deals at work, or just encountering cool posts on social — I’ll be highlighting everything interesting I find on Techigar.

Fun fact: I originally founded the site to write about tech and cigars — hence Techigar. I never really did much with the site so I’ve changed things up a bit! Instead, I’ll use it to highlight some cool tech and product blurbs, primarily from PR teams that pitch me ideas. I’ve come across a lot of cool stuff I’d love to share, but for one reason or another, don’t have anywhere to cover it on my usual haunts. Now, I’ll just share them here!

As I flesh out the site I may branch out into other topics, but for now it’s going to stay focused and specific: tech, neat product blurbs and the occasional review. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to get in touch, head on over to the Contact Us page. If you want some more light reading, pay attention to the Blogroll above.

To begin, the links will be plain, as in no affiliate or tracking information in most of them outside of what gets picked up by existing programs.

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