Zephyr PRO: An RGB gaming mouse that blasts away palm sweat

This kick-ass RGB gaming mouse has a cooling fan built-in that will combat sweat and keep your palm cool and comfortable during play.

Even with a premium mouse, after a while of playing, you’ll notice your hand sweats, at least mine does. It makes things uncomfortable and, well, greasy. There are some solutions, but probably none better than upgrading to a mouse with a built-in fan, like the Zephyr PRO. Inside is an RGB lit fan that delivers a cooling blast to the palm of your hand, keeping it comfortable and not the least bit sweaty.

The honeycomb shell, called that because of its honeycombed shaped air holes, allows air from the fan to pass through while you’re using the mouse. If you need to, you can adjust the angle of the fan from 45-degrees to 180-degrees, depending on how you rest your palm during use. The fan is also incredibly quiet, producing under 30 Decibels of sound and virtually no vibrations. In other words, it won’t throw off your accuracy, or ruin your games. It comes on all-white or all-black, with fully customizable RGB lighting thanks to the internal fan. You have to use the Marsback software to change the colors and patterns, though.

Marsback Zephyr PRO RGB gaming mouse with cooling fan built-in.

Who’s it for?

Anyone that’s tired of a sweaty hand and an uncomfortable experience when using a PC mouse, while gaming or otherwise.

Where to buy?

MSRP: $99

Amazon | Marsback

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