BobSweep PetHair Review

Welp. I caved. I got sick and tired of my floors being dirty. Of course, we do have several dogs that contribute to the mess, but that’s alright. Not long ago I installed wood floors – technically floating wood – and it looks great. The only problem is, all that dust, dirt, grime, and gunk that was embedded and hidden inside the carpet fibers, now sits out in the open for all to see.

That means constant sweeping. And more sweeping. And then some more. And then when you’re done, a little more sweeping, before mopping. I think it’s safe to say I’m tired of sweeping, at least that much.

So, I picked up a BobSweep PetHair.

The BobSweep PetHair Is Great, Here’s Why

BobSweep PetHair Robot Vacuum RougeBefore picking out one of these auto vacuum bad boys I did extensive research, read tons of reviews, and watched loads of videos on YouTube. I’m fairly confident I picked a great one, or at least I was until it arrived.

Luckily, I’m happy to say I made a great choice! This thing is beast. While sometimes Bob does act a little drunk – getting stuck on thin bathroom rugs, or wedging underneath an entertainment stand – he does great. My wife has him set on a schedule so he cleans every night before she gets home, which keeps her just as happy! Yay!

I was honestly worried that any system we chose would have a rough time moving from room to room. I installed strips between the doorways, which stick up slightly. Nope, Bob has absolutely no problems gliding from room to room!

It takes him about 15 to 20 minutes to clean a single room that’s sizeable, such as a living room. It’s slightly less to clean a smaller room, like a kitchen or bedroom. You can program him to clean the entire house in one go, or you can do spot cleans for individual rooms. It would be nice to set more than one programming schedule, but we’ll make do with one. If you set him to clean at 6PM, for instance, that will be the time he cleans every night, weekdays and weekends.

The PetHair conveniently can sweep and mop. Although, it’s not a proper mopping, it’s just a damp cloth underneath that scrapes along and removes pesky gunk. While not perfect, it still works great, especially combined with the UV light. Touch-ups, if necessary, are much easier than they ever were.

Plus, it’s a great conversation piece when we have people over. Don’t even get me started on the silly birth certificate that came bundled with him.


Do you have a robot vacuum? What brand and model? What do you think of yours? Color me impressed with mine!

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