Soundbrenner Core: A 4-in-1 wearable music tool

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Hey musicians and artists, want to hear about a device that can make your life a little easier?

It’s called the Soundbrenner Core, and it’s essentially a smartwatch developed from the ground up for music creators.

What Is the Soundbrenner Core?

soundbrenner core wearable side view
The Soundbrenner Core is an all-in-one smartwatch and music tool.

Described as a “4-in-1 smart music tool” by the Soundbrenner team, the Core is a wrist-worn device packed with helpful utilities. It functions as a portable metronome, magnetic tuner, decibel meter, and conventional watch.

Like any smartwatch, the Core will display the date and time, mobile push notifications, and more. It also functions as a stopwatch or timer when you need to keep track of incremental periods.

But it’s the more melodic features that make the Soundbrenner Core stand out.

The metronome function, for example, can sync up with additional devices including nearby Core watches. This enables multiplayer sync up to five times, in other words, keeping a whole band in tune.

The magnetic tuner can actually be attached to instruments — such as a guitar — to make the entire process more efficient. Imagine looking at a visual tuning meter for guidance which can substantially improve tuning in crowded or loud environments.

What Else Can Soundbrenner Core Do?

soundbrenner core worn around upper arm
You can wear the Core wherever you want like your arm, wrist, chest or thigh.

The Core comes in two variants: A steel version and the normal core style. Both look sleek and stylish and are comprised of durable materials. The watch is IP66 splash-proof, and safe to use just about anywhere.

Also, Core offers up to three full days of battery life on a single charge which is great if you’re on the road touring.

The project was previously funded via IndieGoGo but has since moved on to the pre-order phase. The first shipments are expected to go out sometime in December 2019. Not far now!

If you’re in the market for a portable music tool, this is definitely in your wheelhouse!

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