Briley Kenney

What's up? My name is Briley Kenney and I love all things electronic and gadget related. I write for a plethora of websites including Vulgamer, The Tech Labs, SmartWatches, and a confidential SEO company. Recently, I served as a valuable member of the Little Killerz dev team writing in-game content and generating a web portal for Tales of Illyria. Our team is currently working on the third game in the series. Are you not entertained?

Man laying on bed surrounded by tech and more.

Welcome to Techigar!

Welcome to Techigar. Fun fact: I originally founded the site to write about tech and cigars — hence Techigar. I never really did much with the site so I’ve changed things up a bit! Instead, I’ll use it to highlight some cool tech and product blurbs, primarily from PR teams that pitch me ideas.

You can read more about what I’m doing here.